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Multimedia Standards & The Next Mass Medium

Some remarks on the disappointment of Multimedia (whatever that is) and hopes for a better future through networks.

Technology is Easy, Comedy is Hard

A State of the Convergence Rap presented at Multimedia Expo in 1993.

Cable Television 1994: Clichés in Transition

This is an exclusive on-site report from the NCTA show in New Orleans.

Integrating Computers and Television

This was a chapter from Brenda Laurel's The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, published in 1990 by Addison Wesley.

Now You're Really Playing with Power: The Expurgation of Maniac Mansion for the Nintendo Entertainment System: The Untold Story

This true story first appeared in Layers, a publication of the Baklavian Society, March 1993. It also appeared in Wired 1.4. There is also a FAQ.

Quest into the Unknown!

In 1985-6, I explored some of the deep riddles of interactivity. My thoughts and discoveries were recorded in these notebooks:

Your New Medium

This report on the design of new media was written during the Quest into the Unknown project.

Book Review: It's Alive!

This scathing review of a book about computer viruses appeared in IEEE Multimedia, Winter 1994.

Some Reviews of Some Books and Things

These brief reviews first appeared in The WELL's Muchomedia Conference back during the early 1990's.

The E Programming Language

In my opinion, E is the best programming language on the Internet. I wrote this tutorial to help you learn to think in E: Satan Comes to Dinner: The Dining Philosophers Problem.

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