The E Programmer's Manual

Welcome to the E Programmer's Manual. This manual is a conceptual guide and reference for the E Language. For information on how to install, and configure E, see the README.TXT file that is packaged with the E software.

Select one of the following topics to access the E Programmer's Manual documents. This manual is also available for downloading as a postscript file.

Getting Started with E
This chapter introduces the concepts essential to understanding the E programming language.
The E Runtime
This chapter discusses the concepts a programmer needs to understand when developing an E application. The E runtime environment is similar to the Java runtime environment; however, this chapter points out several distinctions.
E Language Specifications
This is a reference to the syntax of the E Language.
E Class Library
This is a reference to the classes provided to support the E runtime.
E Tools and Utilities
This chapter describes the tools and utilities provided to support the E environment.

There is also a glossary that lists and describes E terms.


The E programming language was largely inspired by the language Joule, currently being developed by Dean Tribble, Norm Hardy, and their colleagues at Agorics, Inc. of Los Altos, California. Indeed, the fundamental idea behind E was to take the core ideas from Joule and apply them to Java. Our friends at Agorics have been generous advisors and invaluable teachers; E would not have been possible without their support.

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