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Things in Maniac Mansion


Sid or Razor can be ordered (by you) to put the hamster in the microwave oven and blow it up.

If a kid then gives the hamster remains to Weird Ed, then he slowly realizes what it is. In the next scene, the kid is replaced by a tombstone in the front yard.

Dr. Fred comes to Weird Ed, saying that the evil meteor needs a hamster and an electric cattle prod.

Nurse Edna:

When she locks a boy in the dungeon, she says "I should have tied you to my bed, cutie."

When she locks a girl in the dungeon, she's says "You're lucky you aren't a boy."

When someone calls her from the phone in the library, she says "Is this a prank phone call? There's no heavy breathing. Let me show you how to do it."

Purple Tentacle:

When he locks a kid in the dungeon, he says "I hope you rot."

Meteor Police:

He calls the Purple Tentacle Sucker Face.

He calls the meteor Crater Head.


If the reactor blows up, everyone within a five mile radius dies. (This is a cautionary story about home nuclear power.)