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Douglas Crockford's 2009 Appearances

Date Event City Venue
February 16 The San Francisco JavaScript Meetup San Francisco, CA You Noodle
February 21 HACK U! 2009 Seattle, WA University of Washington
February 27 JavaScript: The Good Parts Mountain View, CA Google
March 4 The Bay Area Ajax and JavaScript Meetup Palo Alto, CA Facebook
March 7 HACK U! 2009 Atlanta, GA Georgia Tech
March 30 O'Reilly Masterclass San Francisco, CA Mission Bay Conference Center
April 10 CSE Day San Diego, CA UCSD
April 14 Ext JS Orlando, FL Ritz-Carlton
April 17-18 Free Software & Open Source Days 2009 Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Bilgi University
April 29 The San Francisco JavaScript Meetup San Francisco, CA Dolores Labs
May 7-8 JAOO Australia Sydney, Australia Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
May 11-12 Brisbane, Australia Hilton Brisbane
May 21 Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2009 Oakland, CA The Claremont Resort
June 22-24 Velocity 2009 San Jose, CA Fairmont Hotel
June 25-26 @media 2009 London, England Southbank Centre
July 20-24 OSCON 2009 San Jose, CA San Jose Convention Center
July 27 Bayjax Sunnyale, CA Yahoo
September 14-16 The Ajax Experience Boston, MA Hilton Boston Logan Airport
September 17 Machine Learning & Friends Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts
September 18 CSAIL Cambridge, MA MIT
October 3 Silicon Valley Code Camp Los Altos, CA Foothill College
October 9-10 Yahoo Open Hack Day New York, NY Millennium Broadway Hotel
October 13-15 Hack U! 2009 Toronto, Canada University of Toronto
Waterloo, Canada University of Waterloo
October 16-18 Reflections|Projections 2009 Urbana-Champaign, IL University of Illinois
November 2-4 Øredev 2009 Malmö, Sweden Malmömässan
November 5-6 Fronteers 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands Felix Meritis
November 7-8 Berlin, Germany ÏMA Design Village
November 13-14 Web Directions East Tokyo, Japan Bellsalle Kudan
November 18-20 QCon 2009 San Francisco, CA Westin San Francisco Market Street
December 11 Add On Con 2009 Mountain View, CA Computer History Museum

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